Terms and Conditions of Use

When you install and start using DIGICHAT`s software, you are agreeing on the Terms and Conditions of this document.

Intellectual property rights on the software or “copyright” belong exclusively to DIGICHAT. The user only acquires the right to freely use it on his/her computer system under the conditions explained on this document.

In no case this license implies the transfer of the property right of the software, therefore the user may not redistribute nor modify the internal code of the program using reverse engineering or any other procedure, without the express and written consent of the Company Owner.

License is exclusive and non-transferable, indefinite in time and allows installing the program in only one computer or a group of interconnected computers on a single local network and they must share the user data.

License is effective until cancellation. If the conditions hereby stablished are not fulfilled the cancellation will occur immediately without any expressed notification from DIGICHAT.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, DIGICHAT offers one- month free trial before installing a better plan.

DIGICHAT guarantees the proper performance of the offered system, but cannot assure that the performance will be the one that the user expects.

Responsibility for failures

If the program has any error, DIGICHAT will solve it as soon as possible, but we won’t be responsible for the direct or indirect damages caused by the use or misuse of the program.

Data responsibility

Integrity and preservation of the data files is entirely up to the user, the user must make a security copy at least once a day.

DIGICHAT´s responsibility is only to resolve the problem.

User´s right to try before purchasing

To make sure the user knows the product, he/she has the possibility to download the software on a FREE TRIAL. DIGICHAT recommends this trial in order to avoid misunderstandings and so the user can purchase the product being completely sure about it.

Money Refund due to user´s dissatisfaction

As the user has the possibility to TRY BEFORE PURCHASING and to ask all the questions he/she might have in advance, it is considered impossible to refund the money due to nonconformity, misinterpretations or diverse reasons that the user may have to disregard the program. Under no circumstances refund will be made on purchased licenses when the Habilitation Serial -Number has been issued.

Customer Support

Customer support in case of doubts or simple queries pre-purchase can be done via email. DIGICHAT doesn’t offer telephone support under any circumstances.

DIGICHAT reserves the right to make modifications without notice to future versions of the software including its features and benefits.