What happens when I reach the limit of my Plan?

Don’t worry! In this case the Chatbot will continue working so you wont lose your potential customers. The platform will send you a notification saying that you need to widen your plan so you can access the rest of the messages.


How does the free trial work?

The free trial has no limits! You can use it all the time you want, but It is a small plan with only 20 messages per month in only one domain and one user.


How are the contacts assessed?

A large amount of people are interested in Chatbots, but only the ones who enter their names, email address or telephone number will be registered.


What is the Agency Program?

If you are a Digital Marketing Agency, an Entrepreneur or Freelancer, you can add value to your customers. Chatbots are not only tendency; they are a new vision to increase and improve sales of your customers with a new ecommerce strategy.

Start using Agency Program

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