Why is a Chatbot the best option to generate potential customers?

Owners of many websites have invested large amounts of money on sales strategies that generate some profits, but How long will this last? The best option is to invest in new technologies like Chatbots, to generate potential customers which surely will be faithful to their product or service for many years.

Digichat can make the difference between obtaining the information of your potential customer in an innovative, natural and strategic way or the customer leaving your website uninterested and choosing your competitor. Therefore, an optimized Chatbot can increase your conversions with the same amount of traffic you have today.

Nowadays, many companies trust their sales would increase through a Facebook page, Twitter or even Instagram, but in many cases they are not aware that without a good Digital Marketing strategy, the misuse of social network can damage their image or talk out the potential customers.

One of Digichat`s advantages is the attraction of the potential customer, because, it is sure that if the visitor wouldn’t start a conversation with the Chatbot, it will be lost time. Once we attract the customer`s attention through a simulated conversation with a real person, you will have half the work already done.

Statistics of thousands of websites show more than 50% of visitors that come to a website and find a Chatbot gave their contact information and later on they became faithful clients of the product or service. Therefore Digichat’s Chatbot guarantees that your customers will have the feeling of talking with a real person, to avoid a cold and robotic feature that will disappoint the customer.

Not all websites are the same. Some are created with the purpose of give information, but after showing the product price and details, what will ensure that the visitor buys the product or come back to your site? Absolutely nothing. The best option is for you to obtain the contact information of the visitor, give him/her personalized information and make him/her a potential customer.

Part of the success of our strategy depends on being in places where our audience is and that we know how to make them in our best clients. Digichat is an excellent tool to boost your business with technology and in a short period of time you will see big results.

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